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    LOCKED - Buy some bolt cutters and blame crims in the area. If it has metal inside you can sell for scrap aswell as the container, then go on a trip to somewhere warmer. $ 2 to 3k sounds like a nice trip to a warm beach or a ski week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drelly View Post
    Tell him if he doesn't remove it, by the end of next week, you will sell it to cover storage costs. Shipping container? What shipping container?

    How long since you had ANY contact with him? (Rhetorical)

    If it's months/years, then I think you could fairly well think that they are Abandoned Goods.

    I've done a quick search for "Abandoned Goods" but it keeps coming up with related Tenancy issues, which isn't your situation.

    I found this, http://www.police.govt.nz/faq/items/23184 which sort of (?) could be helpful.

    a) Visit the Police and notify them of Abandoned Goods. Make sure you get an incident number. Ask them to visit your property as you intend to open the container to make sure that it's not a breeding ground for rats, mice etc. It is then a Health and Safety issue and needs to be dealt with immediately.
    b) Advertise in paper "NOTE TO XXXX, If said container and goods inside are not removed by xxxxx, then goods will deem to be abandoned and will be removed from property". Keep any documentation/notice/invoices incurred in the removal of same, just in case owner turns up one day and decides to do you for his "precious family heirlooms".

    These are some ideas. I am not advocating you do any of these and your actions in getting rid of said container are your decision only.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
    Patience is a virtue.

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    I'll take it off you hands

    I'm in Tauranga so not too far away, could always dump some crap up the Coromandel on the way down for you lol.

    Once you sort out your legal rights PM me.
    Last edited by Simmo; 03-05-2013 at 08:10 PM.

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    As far as I know, legally you should give him a notice and he needs to receive it. I recommend you to contact an attorney. He will be able to help you better.

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    put a public notice in the paper to show you've tried to sort it out legally

    something like

    "notice to dispose of abandoned goods
    20' shipping container at 13 lucky street, mt hobskil
    formerly the property of mr.x, hippy of coromandel
    notice is hereby given that the above abandoned goods will be disposed of 6? weeks from today"
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattinvestor View Post
    I recommend you to contact an attorney. He will be able to help you better.
    Do you have a particular attorney in mind?

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    Its not abandoned unless there is some evidence to show that the owner has relinquished his rights over the property. I understand that there was no formal agreement over the shipping container and no rental being paid. It seems there was also no term mentioned? So the agreement is that you agreed to allow the container on your property for free for an indefinite period? You also know who the owner is but cannot contact him?

    This is nothing like a situation where tenants have left property behind after terminating the lease. If you give notice to the owner (when you locate him) and he does nothing to remove the container or make other arrangements, then you have evidence of abandonment.

    You have ended up in a situation where you have taken on the responsibility for the container and will simply need to locate the owner to get out of it. This might involve the cost of a private investigator but that is the situation you have found yourself in. You may be able to claim those costs back.

    If you decide to appropriate the container and its contents you are taking a risk that the owner may return and sue you.

    This advice is given in good faith but you should not rely on it and although I believe it is accurate you should seek your own legal advice. (But you might find a PI is cheaper and solves the problem.)

    Russell ORR

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    the owner may be in the container

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    If there was no agreement maybe the container never exisited

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccachic View Post
    If there was no agreement maybe the container never exisited
    Do you really want it gone, or is it just annoying you ?

    To do this legally will be a massive job, do you want to to it that way, or the smart way ?


    Dont give your name out.

    I have had this problem with car body left on my rental, with a mortgage sale I evicted and there possesions, and my friend had a car left on his rental (by a gang member in prison).

    Pay someone to come and take it away.
    Claim complete and utter ignorance.
    No one can do anything to you.

    Try the legal way.
    You will need to advertise, then get a court order, then move it yourself.
    Otherwise I know a good PI who will find him for you.


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