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    Best talk to an accountant that specialises in Trans Tasman Tax accounting - they are surprisingly difficult to find and very very expensive I might add.

    We looked into this a few years back and we never went ahead with the transfer my understanding is that you need to declare that you have left Aus permanently for NZ to get the funds released from Aus to a NZ super fund. That fund will then be held in NZ based on NZ fund rules i.e. date you can access is not bound to Aus rules but I understand the date you access kiwisaver in NZ is not too far different from the age you can access your super if it was still in Aus.

    There might be a way to get it out of the NZ fund but i'm not aware of one...the sting in the tail (i'm told but need to check this fact) is that if you every return to Aus - after declaring that you are leaving permanently you are required to return the funds to your super. Not sure how they enforce that if you've spent the cash.


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