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    Default Negligent Property Managers resulting in $000's of repairs

    Hi, does anyone know of any cases where a property manager has been taken to court for negligence? I'm currently suing my property manager but have been told by the court that I can't claim for repairs because I would have to pay for them anyway. I can only claim the extra costs I've incurred personally in arranging for the property to be repaired, eg travel. How do you put a price on stress, having to get a loan etc? I live in Auckland and the property is in Rotorua and I only found out about the damage when I decided to view it late last year. When I emailed the Property Manager with my concerns they resigned with no notice leaving me to deal with everything.

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    Default Negligent Property Managers resulting in $000's of repairs

    The thread is PM-related, so has
    been combined with this one.

    I've just posted a thread under Legal.
    Please have a look at it.
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    Will be interesting to here the outcome. I can't help however good on you for taking them to court and I wish you well.

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    It is our only recourse and I don't think I will win but at least PM's will start getting the messge not to mess with Landlords. They have lied through their back teeth to the court so far and not had to produce a shred of evidence. I feel as if I am on trial.

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    Can you say who the property managers are you have used in Rotorua? Isee you have had issues with two from your last post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satyamurti View Post
    They have lied through their back teeth to the court so far and not had to produce a shred of evidence. I feel as if I am on trial.
    You have to prove the case. since you have posted the accusation here I suggest you keep their name to yourself.

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    Hi Satyamurti,

    Good on you! I know of lots of landlords who have had issues with property managers such as not lodging bonds, saying the property is empty when actually property managers family is living there, not giving the landlord the full rent (ie say $350 rent but really $380) and lots of other dodgy dealings. These all give property managers in general a bad name, when really it is just a couple of bad ones. Unfortunately no one ever bothers taking them to court.

    I agree that you shouldn't be able to sue for repairs, if they were your cost. But if they are repairs that tenants should have paid, or that should have been deducted from bonds, then the property manager is at fault and they should be liable.

    Why didn't you just go to small claims dispute, as this would have been much more cost effective.

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    Hi, yes I have gone through small claims court. They have a max of $15K you can claim but my costs are well in excess of that. I accept that I have to pay for the repairs but we are talking serious damage that has gone on for a long time that they have ignored. Court basically says I have to prove how much the damage has deteriorated since the PM first noticed it but being as they never noted it during their inspections, then I don't have a starting point. It is pure negligence and how do you put a cost on that!

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    A good thread to remind us that lots of due diligence is required before electing a PM as their contracts will limit any liability for negligence.

    Interesting there's been quite lot of talk re. a bad tenant warning list - sounds like there's a need for a bad PM warning list, though it probably couldn't be made public


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    The way I see it, a PM's duty is to do a pre-tenancy inspection and document any pre-existing damage. Then during regular inspections, note any further damage and either make the tenant rectify, or, if the damage is serious and ongoing, kick them out.
    If they haven't done this, they're negligent, and I would say, culpable, because if they'd been on the ball, it would have prevented much of the damage being done.
    Also, did the PM find the tenant and perform sufficient background checks?


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