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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand

    Default Some Maori predicting civil war over the beaches

    Hi all,

    research, research, research...

    Some Northland Maori are predicting the Government's handling of the foreshore and seabed debate will create civil war.

    The Government has dismissed threats that some angry Maori would occupy beaches over summer with Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen warning the Government would not allow New Zealanders to be treated like "strangers on our own shores".

    Ngati Kahu runanga chairwoman and Auckland University Maori Studies professor Margaret Mutu said the Government's proposed foreshore and seabed policy does not recognise Maori customary rights.

    "They (the Government) can't take the property rights off indigenous peoples," she said.

    Read More->

    Best Regards


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    Default The trust thing...again

    Hi Marc

    I was wanting to find out alittle more about your trust set up? I can't seem to find the previous post you did. In relation to how yours was structured.
    I spoken to quite a few solicitors and accountants and information is very conflicting. Could you create a link to that old post I can't remember what it was called.



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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand



    Tony Fortune set up our companies and trusts based on Dales - Trust Magic book.

    Here is a thread that talksabout it a little->

    Best regards



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