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    Default Where is best to be a working woman in the rich world

    Where is best to be a working woman in the rich world

    IF YOU are a working woman, you would do well to move to New Zealand—or if that is a little out of the way, you could try one of the Nordic countries. To mark International Women’s Day, The Economist has compiled its own “glass-ceiling index” to show where women have the best chance of equal treatment at work. Based on data mainly from the OECD, it compares five indicators across 26 countries: the number of men and women respectively with tertiary education; female labour-force participation; the male-female wage gap; the proportion of women in senior jobs; and net child-care costs relative to the average wage. The first four are given equal weighting, the fifth a lower one, since not all working women have children. New Zealand scores high on all the indicators. Finland does best on education; Sweden has the highest female labour-force participation rate, at 78%; and Spain has the smallest wage gap, at 6%.
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    Thanks for sharing such a great Index as it might help the woman thinking of relocating as it will help assess employment opportunities. It can also serve as a wakeup call to countries that are lacking when it comes to the advancement of women in the workplace. Hope this index will inspire the countries lowering in the list to positive changes.

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    Great information. I need to tell my female friends to relocate to NZ lol But I see Australia is doing pretty good as well. I am not surprised not to use USA on top. It seems like USA still lives in the Middle Ages and women there do not earn even close to how much men make there.

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    Another great example of innovation, I am glad to find it. There are so many developers working on this segment but this is one of the best innovative idea ever. Thanks for sharing it here.

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    I think places like Sweden do well because they have great free child care and maternity/paternity leave. Although both parents have to work because the standard of living is so high.


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