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    Thumbs up Looking for partners in Germany and UK to find investors for 3 properties in Poland

    Dear All, my name is Meggy, I am helping a specialised Real Estate Agency from Wroclaw to find international investors for the 3 offers we have at the moment. If you run a real estate agency or you know potential investors, please write me to get details.
    In short
    offer 1 - The property consists of a number of plots with a total area of 5.0247 ha. Some of them can be converted to contracts by obtaining zoning (the future appreciation of the property). There is no zoning plan, in the study - purpose: residential, service, agriculture. Owners run a well known agro tourism and breeding horses farm. The uniqueness of the offer is its location in the Valley Barycz and Landscape Park. Very rich fauna and flora, natural monuments, many hiking trails, biking, canoeing, horse and fish ponds of fisheries. Running an educational program for children and adolescents (green lanes). The proximity of Wroclaw with very good communication encourages tourism. Excellent climate.
    offer 2 - 8ha of land near Trzebnica (with a famous hospital) in Lower Silesia, Poland - in a microclimate location, lovely landscape, with local plan that sees there medical services, retirement home, SPA and similar objects. It is a great location for these purposes - offer explains
    offer 3 - a very nice house in the mountains, near ski resorts etc. can suit as a business (renting house for holidays) or you can run a B&B there.

    For details please reply.

    Thank you!


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