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    Default Hello from Wellington

    Hi PT folk.

    Have been reading this forum intently for a brief period as I plan my move into Property Investment. I am 23 years old and hope to get my first property this year. Am still renting in the city and haven't planned the details of acquiring the first yet. At the moment I will just read these boards, go to PIA events, try to network with other PI's in Wgtn, scope the target market (on TradeMe, RE mags etc...), and read the huge piles of advice and tips for newbies kindly written on these boards. No hurry right? Or is there?

    Would love to meet up with fellow PT's in Wellington although I don't have a huge amount to bring to the table at this point. (except my wine collection. )


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    Jan 2005


    Welcome to PT Macker77.
    Sounds like you have got everything organised to research the Wellington market.
    Any questions just ask the forum.

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    Aug 2003


    Hi Macker77,

    Good on you - an early start in property investment is enviable. At 23 I was in London - quite naive and running around like a headless chicken however I was lucky to score a job with a company who helped me secure my first property by 25 - without that encouragement I doubt I would have got started till much later in life.

    It's important to involve yourself with likeminded folk - when I was in my early twenties - all my colleagues were high income earners, young and focussed on success so I had the right input while my kiwi buddies were just focused on travel - doing their OE. So looking back I realise I was very fortunate to get that start in property.

    Certainly PropertyTalk can assist you along the way - keep you focused, provide feedback etc. I am biased of course - but I'd say PropertyTalk would be one of the most helpful forums around.


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    Default Re:Hello from Wellington


    I am Tyler Rabin from Sydney. I feel very happy to join this community. I think we had a great discussion on this board.


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    May 2014



    I am one of the new member for this community.


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