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    Default UK-Based Youth Hostel Brand Looking to Expand into Australia

    Hi there,

    I'm Sean Fox, Managing Director of Journeys Hostels, based in the UK with 6 locations currently (3 in London; Kings Cross, London Bridge and Greenwich, 1 in Brighton, 1 in Dover, and now our first international hostel in Koh Samui, Thailand).

    We're looking to expand globally, and Australia is definitely on our hit-list.

    Since finding this website, I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who may also be interested in opening a youth hostel here. The industry is currently expanding rapidly, and accounts for 1 in 4 of all global travellers. We have our own training programmes, infrastructure, systems and 24 hour support, as well as a website with over 3,000 enquiries per week, so can support hostels the whole world over.

    The returns on a youth hostel within a commercial premises can be very lucrative, since hostels generate high amounts of cash flow and have lower costs than that of a hotel. Having multiple occupancy per room also allows the cost of a bed to come down, and backpackers are more likely to choose a hostel than a hotel, so in many ways hostels are more successful than the now-declining hotel market.

    You can find out more about Journeys at our website visitjourneys dot com or by contacting me via email at sean.fox(at)visitjourneys dot com

    I look forward to hopefully hearing from you,

    Sean Fox
    Managing Director


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