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    Default How does the IRD treat payments for sewerage schemes


    Our district council is installing a sewerage scheme to replace our septic tank (which is only 10 years old). There are several payment options (1 payment, 3 yearly payments, 5 yearly payments, 10 yearly payments and 20 yearly payments) which will be added to the rates. I'm wondering how the IRD will treat this. There are such schemes happening around the country so there should a precident.

    Id appreciate it if anyone knows.



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    Hi there. Where are you? I have a place at Ongare Point and am out of the loop being stuck over here (Aussie), is the council moving faster than I expected?

    I'd like to know the answer too in any case, hopefully the accountants have not all gone on holiday. It is an improvement but you would have to claim it annually? Interest paid would be as per mortgage, that much I am pretty sure of. My mind has moved on from NZ accounting, and not yet picked up Aus accounting - a hopeless situation!

    The oldies will be up in arms, I hope they have someone to ease them through it.


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