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    What If?????

    You live your life in fear on what if.

    Prey tell me. How many insurance companies have gone bust and how many companies have gone under in the last three decades?

    Don't forget finance companies in that little exercise. OH! And banks.

    Simply put, land does not disappear.

    Now pull some obscure fact out of google to support your shares position over property. Or to show that land does disappear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keys View Post
    ^^^ only those shares which are still trading. Not that I follow the market but I expect that some shares have delisted? (if that is the word)
    You are quite right Keys, one company did delist from the NZX 50 this year.
    Fisher & Paykel Appliances, bought out by Haier......up 254% for the year, before being delisted.
    To use an oft used expression (sigh)

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    How many shares did you have in it?

    Or, should I ask, how much have you made in property vs shares this year? Not in dollar terms but in terms which is as easily understood.

    Personally, I have gambled on horses and consistently lost. Paid into Lotto and consistently come behind. Had shares and the company went bust.

    Purchased land and buildings and .......

    Well, you can answer that.

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    Interestingly it was a property company that gave the 4th best TSR (total shareholder return) on the NZX 50 this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damap View Post
    I have watched 9 people try forex, including Marc here on PT, and am yet to see anybody make it work. 4 of the 9 lost all their money, the other 5 gave up with excuses like they didn't have enough money or it was too hard.
    Yep - tried Forex and gave up. As a "bottom feeder" - thats us with our pittance of investment $$ trying to guess where the currencies are going. Its hard and to be honest unless you have at the very least 100k USD forget it. If you have a million you might get lucky and ride the wave for a couple of pips - but whats the point.

    Plus HFT just killed it for us - another article here about how HFT algos are running amuck http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-0...ni-flash-crash
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    Interestingly it was a property company that gave the 4th best TSR (total shareholder return) on the NZX 50 this year.
    Boom time for retirement villages


    This huge demand has as many implications for retiring babyboomers and the investment community as it does for local and government authorities.

    Waikato University demographer Natalie Jackson has been outspoken about the downstream effects of the babyboomer bubble now moving into old age.
    Within a mere 14 years, New Zealand's over-65s will outnumber the under-15s for the first time, she said. This has already occurred in 13 of the country's 67 district council areas.

    There is going to be considerably more need for new resthomes than schools in future.

    The financial gains are all on the side of the operators and their investors.
    For the individual, going into a retirement village doesn't make financial sense. You don't own your unit but buy the right to occupy, with the operator typically keeping 20 to 30 per cent and any capital gains when you die or move on.
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    I don't know much about Forex Trading, so late last year I got a local (lives in Cambridge) Forex trader to give a 1 hour webinar to our clients. The below link is to our website, and the free video is there.

    I still haven't tried Forex Trading, and probably never will, but itwas interesting to learn a little more about it.

    i think Forex Trading training could be a good investment if you have Uni student children. Getting them to learn about what trading is, and giving them $10k to invest with, could be a good education.
    - gives them a possible skill to make passive income. Not guaranteed income!
    - makes them learn a little about financial markets and that there is other ways to mak mobey, rather than just having a job. Perhaps opens the mind a little
    - best case, they make passive income, paying for uni fees and helping with standard of living.
    - worst case, spent maybe $15k, helping open childs mind, and getting them to look outside the box.

    Last edited by cube; 18-01-2013 at 04:17 PM.
    Not sure where to start, book a free chat for 5-10 minutes https://cswaikato.co.nz/services-pro...s-hamilton/201
    Ross Barnett - Coombe Smith Property Accountants


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