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    steve.b Guest

    Default Scenario: Tenant made redundant.Applies for benefit but landlord wary as recives cash

    Tenant's employer goes bust. Applies for benefit while looking for new job.

    Landlord receiving cash; not sure if safe to provide letter to WINZ advising rental amount.

    Is landlord safe? Are WINZ/IRD data matching ?

    Suspect highly unlikely due to privacy laws and bureaucratic overhead (cost) of such as scheme; but...

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    Sep 2008



    are you trying to hide something?

    cause it doesn't make sense...
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Did you not hear the story of the missing little girl a year or go back, police were searching for 3-4 days only to find out cyf's had taken the child, so know the government departments do not communicate.

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    Steve is the tenant.

    If Steve is the landlord then Steve should put it all through the books. If the tenant has problems, the tenant can move out. HNZ is the landlord for those who "need" them.

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    If the tenant's benefit application overstated the amount of rent being paid, then the tenant shouldn't be such a dimwit.

    If the landlord is not declaring rental income then I hope that WINZ and IRD are data matching and that the landlord gets pinged for back tax + penalties.


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