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    Default Help needed for VISA purposes - property investment info!!

    Hi there

    I need some help please!!

    We are based in the UK and are curently in the process of completing our visa paperwork (we are property developers in the Uk and planning to transfer the business over the NZ). We need some help with questions concerning the state of the housing market in the Tauranga area....is there anyone out there who can give me contact details for someone who can give professional advice on things such as average house prices in Tauranga area, %age valuation increase over past 24 months, build costs per sq meter, projections for the Tauranga / Bethlehem property market over the next 5 years...etc

    (we need to be able to print off this kind of research and put it with the visa application)

    many thanks in advance for any help..

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    Oh no more property investors...

    Pinecone, welcome.

    Are you looking for a service to provide you with this information? A imigration cnsultant might be able to help you.

    In the mean time have you searched the web, as a start try:


    All the best with you endeavours.



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