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    Kapiti in New Zealand

    Default A most awesome book on Trusts!

    Hi all,

    I highly recommend a book on trusts written by my Aussie accountant Dale Gatherum Gross. Its called Trust Magic. Even though the book is written for Aus we have learned a considerable amount about trusts and have even applied the concepts to our trusts in NZ. Here is his web site->

    By the way I don't get any $$ or discounts for this little post!


    Best Regards


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    Default Trust reading

    Hi all

    I havn't read his book yet, but I went to one of his seminers the other week. He was very helpful and gave a very detailed explanation of how trusts work. I don't get any kick back from him, but I know alot of people on other forums that highly recommend him.

    My 2cents



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