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    Quote Originally Posted by RexyJames View Post
    If you can afford to invest in property in London it's a good investment, however the rise in house prices is making it more difficult.
    With the low value of the pound and the high value of NZ dollar it has never been easier for Kiwi investors to buy. So the question of affordability is not a problem I have to worry about. What I want to know is the answer to my question. Do you know more than the one line mantra you have chanted. Can you help me with and answer what I suspect most investors in UK would take for granted everyone knows. We have thousands of real estate sales people in NZ who make statements like yours every day.
    They know nothing about our world of investing. They all say the same thing. lovely this and lovely that. Would make a great investment. Prices going up every day so hurry along and sign the sale and purchase documents before some other sucker beats you to it.

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    Anyone interested in Buy-to-Let investment in London?

    I completely agree that London is still a safe place to invest in. Market news have said that the next 5 years still remain promising for property investors looking to buy an apartment mainly for the reason of letting.

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    London property investment the most profitable business? I agree, partially. And I would like to say this: loft conversion is something that most investors today target in London. London goes in height, not in width.

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    Given that this is 2 year old news, I'll just say that my estate agents in London are never short of business no matter the season. There is always a demand for good London property because the city is where all the action is! Haha! Just make sure that you find a reliable estate agent to show you around if you're thinking of buying, renting or investing and you're set!

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    Very interesting thread

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    Looks like it might be more of a long term arrangement for residences rather than an investment though seeing as how your daughter wants theapartment or property to be near to her workplace. Well, what most estate agents do is they draw up a bunch of listings , and spend time bringing their clients around to see the houses. At the end of the day, the client wants what the client wants... Good luck!

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    FYI - look here for excellent accurate financial analysis on current investment targets. There is clearly arbitrage available now

    londonpropertyanalyst . co.uk/targetsandtrends/

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    always heard good news on london property

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    just read the news, uk property investment expected to rise 25%

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    I wouldn't say that now when property prices in London have gone through the roof!


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