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    Default 09, 04 or 03?? Where's the best place to be right now?

    Auckland house values = Bonkers and not slowing down for a breath at all

    Wellington Values = Muted but warming

    Christchurch Values = Pumped up and very low stock levels

    So does Auckland and Christchurch make Wellington the place to go for cash flow?

    Does Auckland's crazy values denote the start of the next national boom in house prices?

    And can Christchurch values be trusted at the moment or does the region need to settle down and finish it's rebirth?

    No agenda, just pondering

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    Torbay, Auckland


    0947 gets my vote

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    Aug 2003


    Wellington - but don't tell anyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by halfempty View Post
    Wellington Values = Muted but warming
    So does Auckland and Christchurch make Wellington the place to go for cash flow?
    Warming being the operative word it seems.

    Quinovic Hutt Valley principal Tom Finlay said that properties at the bottom end of the market were having to reduce rents to attract new tenants when previous tenants moved out.
    The standards that tenants expected in a house had risen in recent years, he said. Tolerance of chilly homes and damp conditions deteriorated significantly.........
    "With the economy flat and insurance premiums rising, landlords are much more focused on their properties - they have to be good proactive landlords.
    Tenants are looking around being selective and are so tired of seeing rubbish, poorly maintained properties that are overpriced. There is a bit of frustration out there."

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    I would say 07 - Hamilton but don't want more competition so ignore that

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    Jun 2010


    I agree. But it is far from my work :-(


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