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    Default Nelson November meeting and newsletter

    PO Box 198 Nelson
    Our next meeting is being held at the Nelson Suburban Club, Tahunanui Drive on Tuesday 27thNovember. The meeting proper commences at 7.30 pm with the ever popular meal at6pm when you will have the opportunity to chat to other investors.Phil Hinton of KCLProperty, experts in commercial property management and development, isspeaking on.
    1. Plus's and Minus's of Types of Commercial Investment;
    2. What is in a Return?
    3. Market Overview - where to from here;
    4. Due Diligence done the Right Way
    5. Leases and How to Interpret Them
    6. What is Good Property Management.

    Speaker Profile - Phil Hinton Executive Director of KCL Property, New Plymouth and Auckland.
    Phil Hinton is an Executive Director for KCL Property, a company thatspecialises in direct commercial property investment, commercial propertydevelopment and a full range of management functions including lease,facilities and financial management of its properties. The group comprises 27people, located between the New Plymouth and Auckland offices.
    KCL Property has a current portfolio of nearly NZ$500m spread throughout mostlymetropolitan locations within New Zealand,as well as in Brisbane, Australia. With 330 tenants and 110properties, KCL is a major player in the direct property investment industry inNew Zealand,having been in business since 1993.
    Phil was born in Fiji butgrew up and was educated in Whanganui, where he was Head boy at Whanganui High School in 1975. He then took up anurban valuation cadetship with the then Valuation Department in Wellington in 1976through to 1979, where he won the Institute Professional prize for 1979. In1980 he moved to Christchurch and spent a year’sfull time study at Lincoln University doing a Diploma in Valuation and PropertyManagement before commencing work with Challenge Properties, looking aftershopping centres and the Grosvenor Properties portfolio Industrial portfoliofor the South Island.
    In 1982 he moved to New Plymouth to take up a position as a partner in Larmers,one of the main Taranaki valuation practices. From 1982 to 2002, Phil wasresponsible for the commercial and industrial valuation and consultancycomponent of that practice, which has now become Telfer Young (Taranaki) Ltd.During that time he also completed several major arbitrations on rent reviews,and was also used as an umpire, determining many valuation disputes inlocations throughout the lower North Island.
    In the early 1990’s, Phil became heavily involved with the New Plymouth Chamberof Commerce, resurrecting it into a fully sponsored and operationalorganisation that has grown to a very strong position today. For this, he wasmade a life member in 2003.
    In 2002, Phil joined Bryce Barnett, the founder and Managing Director of KCLProperty. The business has grown substantially since 2002, now havingapproximately 700 investors in 45 property syndicates throughout New Zealand in Brisbane. Pleaseremember to book your meal again for this not to be missed meeting.

    After an eviction the young tenant rangme to request another two days in the property. Now this individual along withhis mates had been living on borrowed time. I was amazed and appalled how successfulthey had been in obtaining repeated additional handouts from St Vincent dePaul, Salvation Army, and WINZ. My answer to him was “grow up and take it likea man” Well that hit a raw nerve. He replied. “You can not talk to me likethat. My father talks just like that and I do not like it”
    This newsletter ispublished with the of Support Summit Property management.
    Remember tosupport our sponsors.
    Graeme’s talk at the October meeting wasperhaps one of our most interesting for some time. Here is a man who is doinghis best to bring a range of sections to the market for the first home buyers.This surely is what Bill English is getting on about. Yet despite the publicneed and the desire of central Government to encourage lower cost residentialland the local government processes seem to have another agenda.One wonders what motivates those in powerlocally and if in fact they even understand the market or if they care aboutthe people who need to be housed. Graeme showed us the plans for thesubdivision in the Lower Queen Street vicinity. Appropriately it is named afterthe well known respected Field family that have operated their berry farm therefor many years. With various new Financial Marketing rules that prevail thesedays it is getting harder all the time to put together compliant investmentsyndicates. Despite the ongoing financial ups and downs in our economy overmany years the returns on his syndicates have always proved amazinglyconsistent. Investors in the past have achieved a 30% per year return on theirinvestments. However all of the income comes at the end of the project soinvestors need to be aware of what time span they are committing themselvesfor. At the time of the meeting there were still some opportunities forinvestment. I was actually surprised at the relatively modest amount of moneythat was needed.
    As promised in the last newsletter thesefew comments are offered to inform you landlords. It appears non Governmentagencies have been contracted to run the scheme. Young Parent Payment is aweekly payment for 16 to 18 year old parents who have dependent children andare in need of financial assistance. Each of the young people are appointed toa mentor or coach from a Youth Service provider. The young parents are requiredto undertake budgeting courses after which they get rewarded with modest extrapayments. They are also required to undertake job and parenting training. Theirchildren must be enrolled with a Primary Health Organisation or Doctor, andhave regular health checks from the likes of Plunket.Landlords will be pleased to hear thatpart of the package is to provide automatic payment of rent direct from WINZ,as well as other important payments like power bills and some other payments.They get a weekly allowance of $50 per week deposited into their bank accountand the remainder gets loaded onto a debit card for purchase of food andgroceries from approved stores.So at long last the non PC things we hadbeen crowing on about for years has been heard and acted on. However we arestill dealing with children living in an adult’s world. The saying goes you cannot put an old head on young shoulders.My first highly recommended young mum wasput in a rather nice home and everyone was so enthusiastic. Two weeks later ona Saturday night my lovely long standing tenant in an adjacent house rang toreport a massive out of control party plus evidence of a dog on the property.The police and noise control were called.I checked the next day and could see theevidence. Luckily for me that party had been held in the garage. Not wanting towait for the next party and the actions of out of control alcohol enflamed overtestosterone filled lover’s violent actions I issued a 90 day notice toterminate the tenancy. The reactions of her support people were a good exampleof what our society has got wrong today. Her father rang and said the party wasunder control and did no harm. He would be talking to one of my property owningclients, who was his close friend, hinting that I would likely as not lose thatbusiness. He also made some unpleasant comments about my faith and asked me toshow compassion on his greatly loved daughter. My comment was I showedcompassion at the time of granting the tenancy to a younger than normal tenantand now it was time for judgement. One neighbour wrote and claimed he was happywith the party. The tenant said the dog was her mothersand that she had cleaned up the party mess outside. Oh yes she told me that atthe gate down the drive at 1 pm on the Sunday. She was dressed in her dressinggown at that stage. She had not ventured out onto the street to pick up thebroken beer bottles.The interesting thing was at no stage didanyone say sorry it will not happen again.I guess they figured it was their rightto do just as they pleased.So yes someone in Government has listeneda little bit to the landlords. Now society needs to listen to us. It is not okto hold large loud parties at my properties. It is not ok to use my drive as apublic toilet. It is not ok to throw your used bottles out onto the street. Itis not ok to move a dog onto a property even if it is owned by your mother. Whoon earth needs to have their mothers dog the day after a massive party? This isno way to bring up a child. If children see their parents acting this way(assuming they survive) they too will hold loud wild parties as soon as theyget pregnant and obtain a flat of their own. And what’s more, I am sick andtired of neighbours, the police, and the city council blaming me for theactions of my tenants and then criticising me for taking the only legal actionI am permitted to take which is to terminate a tenancy with either a 90 daynotice or court order.


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