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    Default The Most Important Business Tips From Donald Trump

    From our Business Blog Hub

    With most communication happening via email nowadays – a quick review of your Inbox and Sent Items can be extremely rewarding. I have on average around five to seven thousand messages in my Inbox and about half that amount again in my Sent Items. When I do a ‘clean out’ I review each email and then hit the delete button.

    Today I found an email I had sent to my husband a couple of years ago – it contained tips from a Donald Trump book called ‘The Way to the Top’. All the tips are from Business Leaders – they are true classics in my opinion and worth considering often in good times and when we are being challenged.

    [BB Editor] I recommend printing this blog post and pinning it to your desk or wall and have a look at it a couple of times a day – there are so many awesome tips here for your business.

    Read here: http://www.businessblogshub.com/2012...-donald-trump/


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    – they are true classics in my opinion .......
    US election: Trump's new 'birther' attack

    After promising an election-shaking revelation about Barack Obama, rightwing property developer Donald Trump disappointed with nothing more than a warmed-up "birther" attack demanding the president release his college and passport files.

    A flamboyant real estate tycoon and reality TV host, Trump whipped up media attention by promising a "very, very big" announcement to be made on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    The five-minute statement simply revisited the "birther" conspiracy theory, which claims that Obama lied about being born in Hawaii, was born outside the United States and is therefore occupying the White House illegally.

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    • Be leery of Loans – Borrow Money When You Can, NOT When You Need To
    Too true.

    The two best words in business – NO and FREE – be willing to say no to bad business, poor deals, poor returns in order to focus on better opportunities. Free – nothing is free

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    Thanks for the tips. it would be the best guide to start or invest to a business.

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    Aldo8100 Guest


    Excellent tips...Its dead easy and pretty difficult to go wrong.This is a very useful thread that will be referenced long into the future.


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