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    But is that fair - across NZ? Or just a W'gton problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    But is that fair - across NZ? Or just a W'gton problem?
    My run in with Quinovic was in Auckland . What riled me the most was the sheer arrogance of the chap who was running the branch. I never received an apology from him regarding his staff members incompetence and he himself went onto make several other major mistakes regarding how much the actual bond lodged was .
    Now if you want to make a complaint to the CEO of Quinovic regarding a branch its virtually impossible to get hold of them .

    There are no direct options available if you look at the Quinovic website for head office contact and this is a major failing as the end option lies entirely with the branch so the CEO never gets to hear a whisper.
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    Default Property Management incompetence

    Are you wondering whether property managers have the right to report like real estate agents? A per my knowledge they donít as it appears that every individual can initiate it. So, what do you think that their incompetence could cost you in not paying rent and harm which is improbable to be retrieved?

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    There is no governing authority for PMs in NZ. People incorrectly assume that by using a real estate-licenced PM company they are offered some 'protection'. The trick is for consumers to choose a PM carefully with solid due diligence. IPMA (Independent Property Managers Assn) members adhere to a voluntary code of ethics & practice & have a complaints process in the case of any issues. Certainly using an IPMA members would give you more avenue for action in the event of any issue. The hope is that consumers become more aware of non-affiliated operators & stick to those bound to a proper framework - similar to those proposing regulation are after. I hope this helps you/others


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