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    Prices differ from state to state.
    Invest in those states whose property rates might be going low.

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    For buying a home, you must look for the budget and location. Analyze your need and expectation from the house. Read all the laws and rules carefully and do a little research about the property pricing and rate. See your neighbor and amenities you are getting with the home and check for security and safety.

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    Buying a property or home is considered as one of the top priorities for any individuals. At the same time, buying a home is most time consuming process. There are some tips for buying a home

    - Visit at various times of day
    - Look through recent newspaper updates
    - Talk to neighbors
    Don’t judge a house by its cover
    - Make sure you can afford it
    Check for plumbing problems.

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    Get to know the area you're wanting to buy really well before you start looking at properties. In my experience understanding the area can make a huge difference when looking to buy and rent a property.

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    Several sites and forum are available in Internet to know the properties detail in US. I would like to suggest some sites to know the properties details to buy/sell/rent.




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    I guess it is better if you consult some property dealer and find property with their help. You have not mentioned your city in USA. But look for two three local property dealers and get the property quotes from them. Go for the person which has a decent track record record and giving you the best deal.

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    I can help you for buying property but before that I would like to know your budget, preference of city and location. Without this basic information it is almost impossible to help.

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    You can contact a local real estate agent and they will help you in finding the property as per your requirement and budget.

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    The most important thing is ensure that you are comfortable with the commute to work and the distance and time that you will spend on the road each day.Buying property abroad is fraught with complexities and there are special considerations for a family buying a place in the US.

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    Will need more details to help you.


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