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    Default Property Investment

    Well i wondering to invest my money for business there are many ways to invest the money to get profit immediately you know well about it but i was thinking regarding real estate what do you think about it. Is it better for successful business? If yes so please tell me about it how should i do it?
    Thanks advance all of you.

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    Yes is for enternal hapiness and joy, for future in the past of no greater benefit than to invest property for prosperity continuing.
    Bright wishes to you.

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    shaun02 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Rizowz View Post
    Yes is for enternal hapiness and joy, for future in the past of no greater benefit than to invest property for prosperity continuing.
    Bright wishes to you.

    I also want some suggestion for investing the money.
    so please tell me what is good for investing the money A my friends suggest me to invest in the real estate. I also have an other option for invest the money in the forex or Gold business. so now I am tottaly confused that's why I need your help. so thanks in advance.

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    My believe is that a person should not rely on one income source. If you are enough capable then invest in other things. Investment in real estate is a good option. Normally property prices increases in most of the world region. So there is probability that you will get better return as compared to investing in some other thing.

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    Totally agree that property investment is good and safe option. I had experience in forex trading before but it is really difficult to earn money from it. Forex is a big global market and it is impossible for you to win as there are too many factors and participants, including all the financial institutions in the world.

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    Property investment is a good source of income, but you should know how to do it properly first. I recommend you to read a few property investment books, talk to property investors, read more forum threads. Property investment might be risky if you just invest money without thinking. Good luck!

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    Real estate industry has been more popular as compare to another industry, mostly people prefer to invest money to get big returns in real estate industry. So Real Estate is good option for you.

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    I am having a land in asia.I want to sell that land,and purchase a big house here.I am also thinking about the real estate.Can you tell me who is the expert of buying and and selling.

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    It is better to invest in a plot and build a RTM house on that plot...
    RTM houses are custom built houses and they can be modified as per your needs .. It is a depreciating asset. So RTM house will depreciate upon its use.

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    Property investment is a good source of income . good luck!


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