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    Default Buy the Metal not the Paper – Gold Bullion trader was Coke Addict

    Someone smart told me always buy the metal not the paper when it comes to precious metals.

    And when you think about it that makes a heap of sense.

    The risk seems huge when you give a business your money and in return you get a piece of paper stating that you have part ownership in a chunk of metal.

    So I buy some ‘shares’ in a chunk of gold.

    Well – where is the gold? Can I visit it? What happens to the gold when your business collapses? How do I know you are not selling the chunk of gold I own to someone else? Do you actually own the gold?

    Silly questions? Hmm.. not really as every question is actually based on published events where the answer was not good for the investor.

    Suff.co.nz provides a fantastic story of why I would never-ever get into precious metal trading => Bullion trader was coke addict

    This is also why I like buying property (full ownership of course). You can see what you have brought.

    Source-> http://www.marksinvestingblog.com/20...s-coke-addict/


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    Endgame 101 Guest

    Default Kiwisaver in real gold?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    Someone smart told me always buy the metal not the paper when it comes to precious metals.

    And when you think about it that makes a heap of sense.



    Hi Marc, has been good reading some of your posts on other threads.

    Have you come across any kiwisaver funds that invest in physical gold, rather than paper gold (future, ETFs and other "fractional reserve" exchanges like COMEX) that is so pervasive out there?

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    Marc, I am totally with you on this one.When i think of it this is how money came into existence-being given a piece of paper and you are told it is equivalent to some gold somewhere that you have never seen.


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