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    probably the average western worlds stocks have performed worse than fixed term deposits

    over the last 10 years

    i'm completely over the sharemarket

    there are far far too many people involved taking their cut

    come what may
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Since the peak in 2000 the real return on global shares is

    - 1.71 per cent pa

    With all this negativity you would think that shares might be cheap

    but unfortunately that doesn't look to be the case.

    I have a bet with a local fund manager that the S&P500 will end the year lower than it started and after a bad start I am now in the money.

    The Financial Times interpreted this as "no confidence in European growth. Ever again"

    There is every prospect of a severe recession worldwide not to mention political and social upheaval in Europe.

    Whilst NZ and Australia have lots of scope to reduce interest rates the big issue for Australasia could be a house price crash. NZ and Australian house prices have not corrected anywhere near the extent that other Western countries have.

    One only has to look at the current weakness in the share prices of ANZ, Westpac, CBA etc to see that the institutional market is very worried about the prospect of bad debts on residential house loans causing substantial dividend cuts.

    So the implications of low long term government interest rates for the man in the street are that we are almost certainly heading for recession and individuals should be carefully considering taking on fixed term debt, starting new businesses or divorcing the wife.

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    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Still good shares to be found
    With the sharemarket in blue-sky territory and chatter in the financial press saying equities here are now fully priced, investors may be tempted to think it is a good time to cash in, or at least to stop buying.

    If you were one of the investors who rode the NZX 50 index's 25 per cent bull run last year, it would be tempting to sell up, especially as the momentary return of eurozone jitters has reminded people that the landscape is still highly volatile.

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    Banks to reward shareholders

    Three of Australia's biggest banks are expected to reward yield-hungry investors by unveiling higher dividends amid predictions that low default rates by borrowers will continue to boost the sector's profits.

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    Thanks for the thread bump SB, its an interesting read because it begins in 2012 with valid concerns and disappointment about lack of share fund growth. However since then, both the NZ and international markets have moved up substantially so I hope the posters stayed invested.

    If anything, selling at this point might be wise since the NZ market looks fully valued according to commentators. But I can never pick the top or bottom.

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    For a lot of folks I reckon it comes down to ....where else do I put the money ?
    Especially so with companies paying decent yields.
    The power companies' prices are certainly factoring in a National win by the looks.


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