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Poll: Do you consider buying Gold?

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Thread: Gold?

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    From where discussion was started and which turn it has taken..I am totally lost friends. Gold is beautiful metal but to find original is difficult especially for those who do not have experience of buying gold.

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    yes, i think there is a lesson there for all of us!
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    and the lesson is?

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    Endgame 101 Guest


    Any of you guys know about any kiwisaver providers, maybe based in Aussie, that do "physical" gold? (not based on etfs or "financial" gold)

    For buyers here, Thailand (96.5%) or Hong Kong (99.9%) are good places to buy/sell for Aus or NZ travellers. Tight spreads, standardised prices - efficient to buy/sell. Sooo much better than NZ mint or others here. I live in Thailand and am quite familiar with Thai gold sellers.

    I like the comment earlier about looking to sell (or hedge holdings of) gold at the moment, despite the recent sharp rise. There are a number of macro-analysis newsletters I've read lately, word is another deflationary phase in terms of market pressure is underway. There has been no new highs or breaking resistance levels, despite September's QE-3/infinity = a sell signal. Profit taking is likely to really set in if current levels aren't broken soon. (I'm betting it won't break through)

    On the balance of risk, not a bad time to sell I reckon.

    But in the years ahead as sovereign debt "Endgame" approaches and central bankers are under "real" pressure to support the bond market that's the real inflationary environment when money velocity increases.

    (A must read is the book Endgame - John Mauldin's great book. Or others from Richard Duncan or Michael Maloney in Robert Kiyosaki's series are good for starters.)


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