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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnoM View Post

    Banks and other financial institutions are more hesitant to lend money for commercial loans rather than residential loans, due to poor performance and uncertainty in the Commercial and Industrial property market of late. You will need 30-50% deposit for commercial loans, depending on length of lease, security of tenure, location, ability to re-lease the property etc etc.

    Residential loans will be given with 10% up front as long as your serviceability meets the lender's requirements. You may even be able to achieve a 95% LVR for residential property in some situations.

    I would strongly suggest that you talk to a mortgage broker who is familiar with property investment, to ascertain how much you can borrow and the best structure in which to do this, to set you up for further investments in the future.

    Good luck with it all!

    Thank you Jonno for the great advice. I ended up going with residential property. I got 4 houses so far and doing pretty good:-)

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    Great work, mate - sorry, I just realised this is an old thread!

    What sort of strategy are you using to acquire property? Is it cf+, metro, regional etc.

    All the best


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