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    Update. We have been in contact with the Landlords Sister-in-Law (she and her Husband (The LL's Brother) keep an eye on his properties as he's in another country) and she said to not worry about the carpet as it'll be needing to be pulled up and replaced by EQR as there is a large crack in the concrete foundation under the carpet. We politly asked and she got the LL to email the PM to say not to worry about the carpets being cleaned as they will be pulled up anyway. So yay for us.
    I wasn't against cleaning it. There are stains from things falling over during the many quakes but really didn' like the PM's attitude to the whole situation.
    Anyway thank you all for your great advice.

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    Well a good result for Dragon Master, but the issue of the Rug Doctor is that the majority of thre DIY'ers that use these in an attempt to save money often do more harm than good. As both a tenant and a landlord I prefer to have the carpets cleaned after each tenancy. It is better for the life of the carpet and as a tenant it is nice to know that the poos and spews of the previous tenants kids and the odd marks from a friends dog that has ventured into the house is wiped away.
    If the carpet gets too wet from an inexperienced carpet cleaner then it smells when it takes too long to dry out. This happened to us when we moved in and it took months of using the dehumidifier to get the excess moisture out. Also the previous tenants appear to have just cleaned the carpet before vacuuming it properly.
    When we moved out I paid $90 to have the whole house lot of carpet cleaned. Probably a similar cost to the hire of a rug dr and my labour cost combined.


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