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    Smile Parakai / helensville


    I'm investigating buying a investment property in Parakai but am unsure about whether this is a good area to rent out a house in.

    Does anyone know if it is easy or difficult to get good tenants there?

    I'v done some research - there is a bit of employment in Helensville, some beneficiaries like the quieter backwater aspect, not too far from Auckland for the employed, ( petrol price increases could make it less appealing ).

    There seems to be a bit of fairly new development - nice new houses there.

    If you have any experience with rentals in the Parakai/ Helensville area or any advice please share.

    Thanks heaps!

    First instinct

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    have look at the trademe ads for rentals there

    so when the ads were posted

    when they area available

    how long they have been vacant etc.

    take a note of the places most like the ones you can afford etc etc etc

    check to see which ones have rented by next week
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    Thanks Eri - have done. Looking positive.

    first instinct


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