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    RvB....you say it's a managed property

    It's probably not the LLs that are putting up the rent.....it's the PM ........ who has probably sussed that you are good to pay

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    HI RvB,

    do yourself bit of Market research. See if you can find better than what you have with out much hassle.
    An answer to your concerns will pop up in no time ...

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    House is in Sandringham, its a 4bdrm+1bath and theyre charging me $680 with this increase. If it was a modern house I'd have no issue paying that, but it is so far from that its not funny. So based on this advice I'll back out of my TT and find a landlord who appreciates my tenancy.

    Have been on the buying hunt for about 9 months now, have yet to find the happy balance between something I can afford and something that isn't a renovation nightmare.

    Thank you all for the advice, it is very much appreciated.

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    it's tough

    the gov. has tried to limit housing investors from driving prices higher by removing depreciation

    but even that small move may making it more difficult for public/private partnerships to build more homes

    i think looking for something else is the right move
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Landlords are reading the newspapers regarding rents increases. I know three landlords who all put up the rent by around $50-60 a week, and all have had empty properties for about a month. You won't get anywhere regarding rent increases, so look for somewhere else but keep it friendly and say you would stay I they would give you a fixed term tenancy at $X . If you are right regarding their over-valuation, and are a good tenant, you may not have to move once they realise nobody else will pay that for their property.


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