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    Quote Originally Posted by speights boy View Post
    You sure they still do this Keys?
    No, not sure. Not often in credit. However, this month I've been in credit a bit. Must check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    Huh? I thought they all cost money? (I presume you mean 'net' at the
    end of the year. ) What's the 'most convenient' comment refer to?

    I've opted for the one that delivers the best in airpoints quantity. (Not
    Amex, though!) Last year, a bit over $40k. That's about $455 worth
    of AirNZ travel, plus reduced Koru fees, by $145. No extra charge for
    additional cardholders, either. So that's $595 minus $200 annual fee,
    giving me a net benefit of $395 - roughly. (Not counting the travel
    insurance in those figures, as it's not 'regular.')
    Yeah, i meant net. For a lot of schemes, the extra fees were more than the value of the rewards.

    About the convenience bit ... with a lot of schemes you have to do something to get the reward, like select your Fly Buys reward, or cash in your Airpoints. Admittedly, airpoints are pretty convenient, esp now you can top them up, but I hate, hate, loathe choosing stuff from a catalog like with Fly Buys.

    With the National Thoroughbred card, they just credit your cc account once a year. Effort required: zero. "A bit over $40K" would get us about $350 net returned, so financially yours is a bit better, given you're putting that much on it.


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