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    Default Upstairs unit behind St Luke Mall

    I have been looking around for investment property and found an upstairs unit behind St Luke mall, CV is 350k and selling for 30k under CV, there are eight units all together. Floor area is 60sqm with a car port. Do you think this is a good investment? I guess the rent will only be around $390 per week, so the return is not so high. No sure whether this is a good long term investment, any suggestion?
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    Not if there's any hint it could be a leaky-build design.

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    This was built in the 80s, don't think is a leaky building type. I am wondering whether it is better to buy something in Ellerslie where it is cheaper and even have it's own garden. Any comment? Which one will have better capital gain?
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    apples vs oranges without knowing what they're like and exact locations.


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