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    Default Auckland Central Auckland: How To Buy Before the Boom

    Thu 19 April 12 7pm arrival for 7.30 start
    Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 487 Dominion Road Balmoral
    Free for APIA members and $20 cash for non members
    Email [email protected] to book

    Many are predicting a property boom around the corner.

    Are you ready to catch on with the market?

    Ron Hoy Fong, successfull property investor and experienced speaker, will talk to the you about key market trends at the moment and how to position yourself before the boom takes off. He will explain the indicators you should be looking out for in order to invest at the right moment. Find out where and how to find a sharp deal and make yourself great returns and get capital growth. Ron will also share his tried and tested negotiation techniques for an even better deal.

    Ron first started investing in properties in 1969, and cashed up in 1996. He restarted his investing journey in 2003 raising $180,000 against the equity of his home and in just 12 months turned it into 21 Auckland Properties worth $4.5 million dollars that paid him after tax cash flow of over $100,000 a year. Ron demonstrates how these same properties have increased in rents, are cash flow positive, and grown several million dollars in value. By 2010, just 7 years later, Ron accumulated over 30 properties that today has a market value of over $10 million dollars.

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    Oh how I wish I was as succesful as Ron... Some people just have a nack for it eh? if there is a boom, would be nice.

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    Sep 2007


    Well get in there and have a go WaterfrontNZ. No subsitute for actually doing something, only way to learn.

    Just start off small. Don't borrow too much on your first one or two and you should be right.

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    Sadly not in the position right now. Trying to get my business off the ground. once that has some cash flow, I will look into it for sure!

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    Nov 2011


    im trying to start right now - also small, and then build it up as i get more confident


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