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    Pretty much the way I tink of it is "If I was to be ilogical about it, who would go first... Ah" then let that car go first... There aare some intersections where the traffic is going to be backed up for miles with this law. How long do we give it till it changes?

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    Look it's all very simple...

    A Ford must always give way to Holden

    New cars give way to Classics

    Asian cars give way to real cars

    Asian cars modified by Young white boys with Acne and trousers round their knees don't give way because they can't see over the dash.

    And a bus always has the right of way coz those buggers just don't ever stop!

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    I got 9 out of 9 too..... and like Spaceman I wondered where the 10th question was!!

    Shalodge must've been miscounting, lol!!

    Of course, those of you who have any other coloured cars than red or blue (or a red motorbike as in question 4)..... well, you're not allowed on the road!!

    Now that'll make driving much safer.
    Patience is a virtue.

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    First time out on Sunday - and the cars turning left stopped for me to turn right. Lots of tooting of the horn finally got them moving.

    If there's going to accidents its going to be in Kapiti....we're driving our 12 year old car (Jeep - hard to miss it) around locally for the time being.


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    So far I have found this pretty pain free. Everyone seems to be patient, and understanding currently. I am sure after a week or two and people start to relax, and some fall back into the old groove, we might see some more issues.


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