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    Default Successfully purchase and sell real estate in Asia

    Healy Consultants assists high net worth investors successfully purchase and sell real estate in Asia. Asia property investment services range from purchasing a condominium in Thailand to arranging an international mortgage in Singapore to selling real estate in Hong Kong. Asia Property Consultants project manage real estate engagements from A to Z.

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    umm how do you help with condos in thailand? I thought foreigners are not allowed to own property in that country

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    I understand that the Thai land laws prohibit foreigners from owning land making it impossible for foreigners to obtain outright ownership over land and house. Correct me if i'm wrong

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    This year all the houses and apartment were getting foreclosed. people were selling their mobiles homes in second hand .
    Is this the year to invest in properties and to buy apartments?


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    Owning and buying property in Thailand is subjective and there are a lot of requirements before you can actually put your pen to paper and own that piece of property. Try speaking with real estate agents in the town or city that you'd like to buy in and they can probably give you better advice.

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    Owning property in Thailand, for land you can do leasehold which is 30 years for leasing but for condo you can own freehold.
    I'm working as real estate agency in Phuket. so for any question, i can consult.


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