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    Nov 2011

    Default Richest Aussies in 2012

    We engage in property investment because we want to be financially free and wealthy.

    Here's the latest list of the richest Australians, and it's interesting that some of them became rich via real estate!

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    Oct 2008
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    Some years ago, one of a number of seminars I went to had 10 multi-millionaires as speakers.
    The message I took from that weekend was that each of them used realestate as one part of their wealth building strategy.
    Most used a combo of business with property & shares.
    Profits from business invested in property for long term gain.
    Profits from business invested in shares for short term gain.
    Dividends from shares or profits from business used to cashflow any negative property (or offset property losses against business profits).

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    Nov 2011


    keith, thanks for the tips.
    Very interesting strategy there. I'm thinking of using that strategy myself to combine real estate, business and shares. I've got the business working, just need to work more on the shares and real estate aspect.

    For those who liked the list of the richest Aussies, check out this list of 10 top luxury homes in Australia, which you can buy once you're a multimillionaire yoruself. Serves as great inspiration too.

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    Nov 2011


    Andyeah, my mother was a realtor, and she made a decent amount, so I always knewit was a good area to get into. Glad to be in a forum where everyone feels thesame.


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