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    Default Bathroom Ceiling

    I bought a 2 bedroom unit and the ceiling is made of concrete but below the ceiling is galvanised lining which seems to be rusting now. There is a thick coat of paint but some parts are exposed to the moisture. What do you suggest is the best plan of action.

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    There is a product called por15 it is a rust inhibiting paint that grips into rust and draws out the moisture to stop rust dead - may be your best bet for a long term fix.

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    Seems like the product I am after.
    Thanks for that Toby

    Here is the Product Info for any body



    Please note: This product is unlike any other paint or coating you have used in the past. Please take time to carefully read the instructions from beginning to end before using POR15. In addition we have provided you with questions and answers and also tips and supplementary information. Please also read instructions on the label of the can. Reading this material will better acquaint you with POR15 and enable you to achieve a superior result.


    POR15 is a rust preventive paint designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces. It dries to a rock-hard, non-porous finish that won’t chip, crack or peel, and it prevents rust from re-occurring by protecting metal from further exposure to moisture. POR15 is sensitive to UV light (sun) and must be topcoated for prolonged exposure to sunlight. Topcoating is not required for areas not exposed to sunlight.


    If temperature is below 12ºC do not apply POR15 unless the object to be painted has been heated.

    Surface preparation: Rusted surfaces are best; seasoned metal and sandblasted surfaces are also good.

    TO COAT SMOOTH METAL SURFACES,i.e. new metal, or any aluminium/galvanising, Surface must be dry and free of grease, oil or other foreign substances which can be removed with our water based product

    Marine Clean, use of solvent based preps is not recommended. Use POR15 METAL READY to prepare surface before painting. Use of “rust converter” product is not recommended as they may affect bonding of POR15 to metal. POR15 likes to adhere to surfaces with a “tooth” rather than smooth,glossy surfaces.

    SANDBLASTED SURFACES;Apply POR15 Rust Preventive Paint directly to the sandblasted surface.

    SEASONED OR RUSTED METAL: First, wire brush loose rust and scale. Then remove any grease or oil with POR15 Marine Clean and prep with POR15 Metal Ready, leave Metal Ready wet on the surface for 20-30 minutes, then wash off with water. Dry the surface completely. Failure to do this may trap moisture under the paint and rust will form again.

    Do not use solvent based cleaner’s prior to painting.

    Stir contents of can thoroughly before painting. Do not shake, then dispense a quantity of POR15 into separate container and seal can immediately, ensuring the groove is free of paint, use a piece of plastic (plastic bag) between the lid and the can. Refrigerate unused portion of POR15 for longer shelf life. NOTE: left over portions of POR15 should not be put back into the can as this will shorten its shelf life.

    Apply POR15 in thin coats. Minimum of 2 coats for general use, and minimum of 3 coats for Marine or Industrial use.

    SPRAY APPLICATION: Use 250Kpa (30-35 lbs) pressure for normal gloss. Reduce pressure for lower gloss 200Kpa (20-25lbs). Thin only with POR15 Solvent, if necessary, no more than 5%.

    IMPORTANT:POR15 Rust Paint contains isocyanates therefore use of full breathing gear is advised. We suggest you wear overalls and gloves as well as covering as much of your skin as possible.

    RECOMMENDED NOTE: Organic vapour particule respirators, NIOSH/MSHA approved must be used when spraying POR15.

    Multiple Coat Application: Apply second coat when first coat is tacky but almost dry. If first coat is fully cured (more than 12 hours old), wet sand first coat with 600 grit sandpaper until gloss is dulled. Next, apply the second coat of POR15. Use same procedure for subsequent coats.


    The Tie Coat Primer provides an excellent sandable primer, that can be applied over POR15 from touch dry to up to a year old with the only requirement that the surface be free of grease, oil & foreign substances. If using another primer then use the following method: after the last coat of POR15 has been applied, wait until the POR15 coating is dry; then apply a light dust coat of primer and let dry. Next, apply a full coat primer and follow normal top coating procedures. If primer is lacquer based, apply dust coat only after POR15 is dry , OR to Topcoat a cured POR15 SURFACE with a product other then Tie Coat, wet sand with 600 grit until gloss is dull, then paint.


    Use POR15 Solvent or lacquer thinner for clean up, which must be done before POR15 dries; once dry, POR15 cannot be removed by solvent. Avoid skin contact. Remove from skin at once to avoid temporary staining.


    * Always apply a minimum of 3 coats of POR15 (90-120cu’m) followed with good quality topcoats (normally 2 coats). Top -coating is essential below the waterline - topcoat then apply antifoul.

    * In bilges areas always apply some extra coats because these areas are always trouble spots.

    * The use of a heat gun to ensure that the metal is dry prior to painting is a good idea especially in permanently wet areas, like bilges.

    * In areas that have been extremely rusty, eg. many millimetres of metal has been corroded away, this can create a very porous surface, it is likely to soak up preperation products like Metal Ready, that then leach out later. The best method of dealing with this is to give it all a good chip - removing all loose rust then a light clean with a dilute mix of Marine Clean, rinse, then use a heat gun to thoroughly dry out the metal - then paint with a minimum of 4 coats of POR15.

    * Again in heavily rusted areas, apply a coat of Black, Clear or Grey first, not Silver. Silver can then be applied as a second or subsequent coat for its high fill characteristics.




    WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE POR15 WILL WORK ANY BETTER THEN ANY OTHER PAINT SYSTEM? POR15 is a single component, moisture cured, non-porous undercoat primer. POR15 is cured by the moisture in the air, and when cured is not affected by moisture, solvents, fuels and many acids. If moisture and air can not reach the substrate surface the likelihood of metal deterioration is greatly reduced. POR15 is strengthened by exposure to moisture, and the toughness of POR15 prevents cracking and chipping. Remember nearly all undercoat primers are porous and continual exposure to moisture weakens them dramatically.

    IS IT BETTER TO BRUSH OR SPRAY POR15? Most people brush it on, but many spray also. Proper equipment and organic vapour particule respirators for solvents are essential for spraying,

    HOW DO I THIN POR15 IF I WANT TO SPRAY IT? You should use POR15 Solvent for thinning. Some lacquer thinners will work, but many will not. Keep Lacquer thinner handy for clean-up. Do not thin POR15 more than 5%.

    CAN I PAINT OVER POR15 WITH OTHER PAINTS? Absolutely. POR15 will accept all paints, including lacquer based paints. Aerosols and latex paints are fine, also. Be sure to read thoroughly our directions and tip sheets regarding top coating before using POR15.

    CAN I USE BODY FILLER OR PUTTY WITH POR15? Yes. First paint both sides of the rusted area with POR15; then use body filler or putty as soon as the POR15 is dry to the touch. We also suggest putting another coat of POR15 over the putty, sandwiching it in, again as soon as the putty is dry to the touch.

    HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE POR15 TO DRY? That depends on the ambient humidity (surrounding area). The more humid the area, the faster the drying time, which usually varies from 2 to 5 hours, and up to 48 hours for a full cure.

    IS IT DANGEROUS TO GET POR 15 ON MY HANDS? No, but if you do, remove it all at once with solvent or lacquer thinner. If POR15 dries on your skin, nothing will take it off, and you will “wear” it for 3 or 4 days until natural oils and flaking skin remove it.

    ARE THE POR15 VAPOURS DANGEROUS TO MY HEALTH? Yes. That’s why you must always paint in a well ventilated area and keep your nose away from the paint container, POR15 is not dangerous if you follow our simple directions.

    WHAT IS THE BEST SURFACE ON WHICH TO PAINT POR15? POR15 likes rusted surfaces best. Seasoned metal and sandblasted metal are also good. POR15 does not adhere well to smooth, shiny surfaces, but will adhere well with the proper preparation.

    WHAT IS THE PROPER PREPARATION? We have developed a product called “Metal Ready”. It is a rust remover that leaves a zinc phosphate coating on base metal, the perfect preprimer for POR15. NOTE:New steel is coated with a protective oil finish at the mill. This finish must be removed before using POR15 or Metal Ready. Wash metal with our product, Marine Clean, then rinse with clean water and dry.

    WHICH POR15 FORMULA(BLACK,SILVER,GREY OR CLEAR)SHOULD I USE? Silver contains metal filler and should be used in badly rusted, pitted areas. It will fill in holes better than black or clear. Black is generally used on frames, underside of fenders, etc, because that’s the usual colour there. Clear renders the smoothest finish and is often used as a pre-primer on exterior surfaces, on fibreglass. Grey is an excellent choice for all general work, especially machinery.

    MUST I PAINT OVER POR15 TO MAKE IT LAST? No, but POR15 has an ultra sensitivity and must be top coated if continually exposed to sunlight. Once top coated, POR15 will remain effective for many years. The TieCoat Primer provides an excellent sandable primer, that can be applied over POR15 from touch dry to up to a year with the only requirement that the surface be free of grease, oil & foreign substances.

    WILL THE SUN DESTROY MY POR15 COATING IF I DON’T TOPCOAT IT? No, your POR15 protection will remain, but the sun will change its appearance cosmetically. That’s why we recommend you topcoat it

    CAN I APPLY POR15 OVER OTHER PAINTS? Yes, but you will lose the important benefits of POR15. You must remember that ordinary paints are weakened by exposure to moisture. POR15 can’t stop rust if it isn’t in direct contact with the base metal.

    CAN POR15 BE USED WITH FIBREGLASS? Absolutely. POR15 is fully compatible with fibreglass and can be used to repair cracks in gelcoat. It will adhere better than polyester resin and has greater strength. Use also with fibreglass cloth to make super-strong surfaces in rusted out areas. Just give it a light sand to provide a key, generally Clear POR15 is used here.

    Also a link for Prices

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    Hi Scarface

    This POR 15 sounds like ideal stuff to spot prime areas of rust on corrugated rooves..

    Any idea of the cost and who is likely to stock it.

    Thanks for the information.

    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    Hope this is of some help.


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