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    Default advice on Minor dwellings in South auckland

    Im looking at increasing my returns on rental property by adding a minor dwelling, looking like 150k to pay someone else do it all and a return of 250-325 P/W so conservative 8.5+% return but perhaps 12%+. I have some good contacts in building industry that would save money on construction costs but i would have to pay for plans and have no experience on council consents.

    Just wondered where i find basic rules for land requirements, max/min sizes of second dwelling, distance from other building etc . My property's are in papakura, then I can establish feasibility before spending any money

    Also wondered if anybody else had done similar projects and how they worked out

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    just wondered where i find basic rules for land requirements
    Mate, if you want an accurate info then contact the local council for info.

    no one here can tel you exactly about the requirement - you need to talk to a town planner and building officer.

    usually a section need to be 600m2 (west AKL)-800m2(south AKL) or more and preferably street frontage section that you can have access to services etc. (not a back section - it is more difficult and costly)
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    Yip have a chat to the council and get some clarification of their expectations, then you can get quotes for work needed and workout if its worth pursuing.
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    Yeah pop along to the Papakura office of Auckland Council. They're so friendly and helpful.

    (For clarity, I am being very sarcastic.)

    In my opinion, this minor dwelling stuff is not a good idea. It will cost more than you think, take longer etc. I hate to sound negative, but it's basically too much work for not enough money.

    Why not just buy another rental? They're quite cheap in the Papakura area.

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    I think its a great way to increase yeild. Have you looked at relocating a second hand dwelling and doing it up as another option - look on trademe under houses for removal or relocation in the real estate part

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    @timorun how are you getting on. I am looking for same advice.

    Does anybody have recommendations for companies that building minor dwellings as a speciality?
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    Last time I did a minor household was just before the cost changes of connecting into the public stormwater etc. The cost then skyrocketed to around $25k just for a permit to connect to public services, without having the actual work done. This was Manukau which is now all Auckland. I have a good contact who can organize the whole project saving you the hassle . He knows the various rules and regulations and will do a free consult.

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    @tina That would be choice. Who is your contact? builder, project manager, building company? Can you post on thread or PM me.

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    Hello Harvey, call Alvin on 092392232 he works throughout Auckland, based in Pukekohe. I have only just met him through BNI and had a meeting in his office. I would highly recommend him after seeing what he provides clients. I have been in the building and finance industries a long time

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    Quote Originally Posted by timorum View Post
    Im looking at increasing my returns on rental property by adding a minor dwelling, looking like 150k to pay someone else do it
    150k? ... Maybe a few years ago. ... Now with building regs far tighter and council "development contributions" far higher I suspect you'll be looking at at least 200k for a very basic "prefab" type of MHU and 250k plus if its going to have any sort of quality to it.


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