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    Default Trees and liabilities

    Hi all,

    I am considering a property with a large tree on it. There are some hypothetical questions:

    1. If a branch falls off the tree and crushes a Ferrari, are the owners of the property liable?

    2. If the tree topples and crushes one of the five cross-lease properties on the site, are all the owners liable?

    3. Is obtaining insurance likely to be an issue?

    The tree is currently in good health.
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    Cut it down and save yourself the worry. I love nature just as much as the next guy, BUT not in a rental. Trees can cause $1000's worth of damage, not just to ferraris but to drains, gutters, concrete paths and
    can block a whole lot of sun.

    The bigger they are, the bigger the potential to go wrong.


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    If it is protected by the council - then any damage it causes will be covered by them.
    Ha, ha, ha - silly me, theft of property rights - worse than Hitler.

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