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    Default Anyone who knows about subdivide??

    Hello everyone, I'm new to here. Just want to know some roles about subdivision,

    The selwyn council said the minimum size to subdivide is 2400 square meters which can make sure each new section is about 1200 or above. My one is about 2200, they said you can still apply as its quite close to the requirement but don't know the answer. They also mentioned I can get developer to do it, what's this mean? Doesn't the council make the decision?

    Thanks if someone can help me and give some info about this.


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    what they mean is they will only give you an answer once certain fees are paid.

    If the developer does it then it costs them the least amount of time and effort for the same fees. (Pun Intented)
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    Default How to subdivide

    Dear Evolver

    You need to be talking to a Surveyor to understand the process. There are ways to subdivide a minimum size site. The Surveyor will tell you clearly what you can and can't do on that particular site. I recommend Survus who I have used in the past. You do not need a developer. The council does make the decision dependant on current rules.



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    As Charlotte said, you need to talk to a surveyor who is familiar with the subdivision rules and requirements of the Selwyn Council's district plan. That talk, plus a talk with a valuer/agents, will give you more information to determine whether subdivision is potentially profitable.

    The Council just makes a decision on whether you are permitted to subdivide and on what conditions; they don't actually carry out the subdivision. You have to do that via surveyor and lawyers.

    The conditions under which the Council permit the subdivision may include earthworks, drainage and other utility systems, upgrading or building new accessways, fences, planting of trees and other vegetation, possible pest control programmes; there are many possibilities not to mention requirements for any new dwellings, and you will need expert contractors to deal with whatever conditions are imposed.
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    Talk to the Duty Planner at Council, get as much info as you can then talk to a local surveyor. Basically this is covered by the Resource Management Act as well as the local District Plan. Briefly, activities are defined as Permitted, Discretionary or Notifiable. Simply put, if you are over 2,400 sq.m. then it is permitted so fairly straight forward. For land areas close to 2,400 sq.m. Council has the discretion to permit your subdivision, this is stipulated in the Plan. If not, then it needs to be notified ie. ask neighbour's permission, possibly advertise your intention locally, then if objections are received, Council will convene a hearing where the parties can make their case before a Consent to Subdivide is granted.

    Unfortunately if its not a Permitted activity, it can be as simple or as complex as Council decides. So to reiterate, see the Duty Planner first. Good Luck!

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    Yes the above is correct, on a simplified version you need to talk to a surveyor who will be able to prepare a plan which will get presented to the council for them to say yes or no to. They have the discretion to say whether they will let it go through or not. Your surveyor will be able to give you a fair idea of whether or not it is likely to be approved.
    I had one that the driveway was .2 short of the width, normally would breeze through, but got a new pedantic planner who hummed and hahhed before finally letting it through, all the other planners had let other submissions through that were more than that. It does depend on who gets the file too, at the end of the day.


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