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    You mean, cruel, heartless b*****d.
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    I was going to say that Perry

    But it's just so hard when the person you're dealing with is basically a bit mental. You can't reason with them.

    A family member had a tenant like this recently, on a farm actually. She'd filled 2-3 sheds with stuff. She was a total hoarder and just couldn't get her head around the fact that she had to leave and take all her crap with her.

    She was actually given a year rent free on the basis that she left by a certain date. My family member is clearly a lot softer than I. That was last November. Took until mid march to get her physically removed. So she took the year's rent free, then argued and ground another 3-4 months out of the landlord. Lying about when and how she was moving the whole time.

    Not even her family would take her, as she's burned up any good will she may have had with them.

    Oh and of course, she left the sheds full of rubbish behind too. So large lawyers bills and rubbish removal bills to pay.

    It was handled badly by my family member of course, but they are someone who thinks if they act reasonably, the other party will too, and sometimes they don't.

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    What he said

    Everyone expects each party to be "reasonable"

    But as we've grown a society when greedy, lazy, unreasonable people have been able to thrive + prosper {the full range from hopeless hoarders to trump}

    We now need years to grind them out over their screams of unfairness + persecution over being held, often for the first time in their lives, to a reasonable outcome for all

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    Very hard to manage 6 residential property and 1 commercial property by myself. Still have a full time job and two business to run.


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