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    Default How is the best way to go about finding a property manager?

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a prperty manager in Wanganui and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best way about doing that? Should I call a few different agents and have them come through and give me a rental appraisal and pick the best one? How does this work? Thank you in advance for any input.

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    Hi KIMI

    A rental apprasial will not indicate which PM is good or bad. A high apprasial will not reflect better agent or lower apprasial = Bad agent.

    Best way to find a good PM is referral and recommendations - The local property investors association would be good place to start asking.
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    Hi Kimi.
    Orkibi is right, ask the local investor association.
    As an ex owner of a Property Management Coy a couple hints:
    A couple times investors were vetting us, they asked for a couple references of Landlords we looked after, get a number and ring them. Its no different than interviewing for a tenant.
    Check their fixed costs vs hourly rate costs, some do the later, it will cost you big $$$.
    Ring around, talk to them, get a feel for them. If they dont take 4 weeks bond, dont work with them, if they dont issue 10 day letters immediately something goes wrong dont deal with them.

    Again do as Orkibi says, contact the local PIA.

    Good luck.
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    Hi. Some of the PMs in Wanganui are handling too many properties for the no. of staff they have. I recently moved to Landlords Link. I'm trialing them for a year, but was impressed with Tracey and her staff and their professionalism. They work a bit differently in that you still have the rent coming to you and you are still responsible for paying the accounts for R & M etc. There's a weekly fee of 4% which covers minor things such as contacting your plumber etc and an hourly charge for inspections, finding tenants etc etc. They had a suitable tenant moving in within 3 days of me contacting them. I'll be interested to see what the percentage works out for the whole year.

    A definite no for the Professionals who are lacking in experience in their rental division.
    Wanganui has a lot of empty properties at the moment in the low end of the market which are just sitting.
    It will depend on the type of property you have, how quickly it rents out.


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