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    Default How much is the average price for home insurance ?

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me how much the average price for home insurance on a 4 bed house in Wanganui, including landlords protection insurance ( no contents). I was quoted $30 p/w ...is this reasonable? Also if anyone has any recomendations on a good insurance company to use that would be great! Thank you and godbless!

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    Mar 2007


    Don't know about Wanganui, but $30 x 50 weeks = $1500 sounds high to me.

    I have my IPs with AMI Insurance - their premiums seem competitive, and they now have the added benefit of a taxpayer guarantee (thank you very much for that, folks).

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    $24.37 in Tauranga per week through AON on a 3 bed up to 120m2, $600 excess. Bear in mind claims performance and customer service, not just price.

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    Sep 2007


    Get a quote from a second insurer for the same property. That'll give you a better idea of market rates.

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    Paying $520 / annum on each of two properties in Wanganui and $720 / annum on another. No landlords protection but wow $1500 is a lot


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