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    Follow up ... Wife laughed and asked me if I hadn't seen the graphes showing the huge growth in the chinese middle class ... (sorry can't post the graphes I found as I don't have 10 posts on PT yet) ... or the prices for decent sized appartments in the major cities ... The chinese are pretty sure these appartments will fill and the govt is simply "getting ready" by ensuring "supply" outpaces "demand" which will keep property inflation in check in the future while providing stimulus in present.

    A very different model to ours in the west where property price inflation is guaranteed as increased building is the result of increasing demand which has the inevitable lag which we enjoy as "capital gain".

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    Hy...this page is not found. can you share it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by belgarionsmate View Post
    My wife is chinese and her parents and some of the aunts and uncles own appartments. And guess what? They don't rent them out and they remain empty for the bulk of the year. The reason my wife gives is that to rent them out would make them "business men/women" and they don't want to be "business people". Thy're quite happy with their assets and they trust property more than the banks. Different world altogether!
    Lol. That is some weird logic they give.

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    Hello i am newbie and i am really very interested in property

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    China is huge.
    it wonít matter if every one of those small special economic zones implodes with greed.
    China will just close them down, take the technology and go back to sleep.
    Weíll have to rebuild our manufacturing infrastructure though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McDuck View Post
    it wonít matter if every one of those small special economic zones implodes with greed.
    Something new is now starting to be seen.
    Residents are now engaged in violent protests against environmental damage caused by new factories in their cities.
    A proposed copper factory in Sichuan that has been suspended is one example.

    The capitalism cat has been let out of the bag.
    25 years ago it was all growth, growth and the majority were satisfied as it ment jobs and money.

    Now, they are realising they cannot live in their cities as the pollution of air, water and soil is becoming intolerable.

    The dilemma for the new party leaders is now how to sustain growth and wages, manage the huge influence the bosses of the State owned companies have, and at the same time control the growing environmental activism from residents.

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    mark.1 Guest


    China is the biggest country with powerful economy and strong technology. Any investment made in China will not let your investment down. When it comes to property then i must say everyone must have a property in China as it will be very profitable as everyone knows how economically China strong is. Every company is moving towards China because they have found their dream run and profit their.

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    What are you selling, Mark?
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    Broken English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glizzle View Post
    Broken English.
    Whatís China going to do with a load of trouble making Europeans spreading messages of free will and Californication? They donít have enough separatist troubles already? No sir, itís going to be difficult enough to purge all the contaminated capitalist minds from Hong Kong and the like. The deal runs out there in about forty years or so, I think they are hoping that there is a diaspora of those sorts gradually over time. Following the money, we can see that those folks are looking for other parts of the world to settle. Itís no fun being a Capitalist in a country that disapproves of selfishness.
    Confucius said: ďA gentleman has three things to guard against. In the days of thy youth, ere thy strength is steady, beware of lust. When manhood is reached, in the fullness of strength, beware of strife. In old age, when thy strength is broken, beware of greed.Ē


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