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    Default It’s clear. The property boom is over...

    Have read this article...well is it? what can you say?
    Do we fire up our Investments...


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    This, from a company that will help you both sell and buy.

    I wonder what they suggest...shock / horror.....sell and buy.

    In a dropping market; buy more expensive and take on more debt.

    Hmmm....let me think about that....

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    really hard to believe but there are still a chosen few...


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    Nov 2011


    I suggest that in a dropping market - Be contrarian.
    Buy cheap.

    In a rising market, don't follow the herd and buy when everyone else is buying.

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    Sep 2008


    oz real estate may rise 4% in the next few years

    or it may drop 10%

    how much should you borrow at 5% in those circumstances

    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    more market study and hope for the best...

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    Mar 2012


    I think more market study is required

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    Real estate market is booming so we never predict what will happen

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    Economic crises can effect on the boom of real estate

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    Jul 2011


    Lots of people posting the same rubish lately. Sentences that that don't mean anything


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