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    Default Canvas Investments - Murray Alcock and Allister Knight

    Canvas Investments

    A word of warning - before you invest do your homework on these people.

    Murray Alcock and Allister Knight.

    Start with Company Office Search on Directors

    ALCOCK, Murray Rex aka ALCOCK, Murray
    KNIGHT Allister Ronald aka KNIGHT, Allister

    And study the companies they have been involved in.

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    Why are you concerned about the above men? they have recently registered a company call Whitnew Mews Ltd wh have a development in Blockhouse Bay to be built in the next year.They have a company called Propellor Properties acting as their agents offering apartment complexes for sale off the plans. would appreciate any information you can provide relating to your experiences with the above men so that we can decide whether to go ahead with the purchase of this property. Thanks.

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    Somewhere between 1995 and 2000 Nestor (one of Allister Knight's companies) were just about to go bust. Allistair Knight and business partner Andy Kay quite happily encouraged a $10,000 deposit from me, $40,000 from my good friend, and many others for deposits on houses they were going to build. They had a cunning plan to 'avoid' GST which was a loophole in the law apparently. They were running a fine line between legal and illegal. Only one person that I knew ever got any of their money back and it took years. They had many property ventures on the go simultaneously and my understanding is that they were using the money that I gave them to (illegally) fund their other ventures in a desperate bid to stay afloat. They were very good with communication and selling the dream until they got the money and things started to go pear shaped. There was never a word of problems, an apology, in fact there was zero communication on their behalf after they got the money. I could go on about their deception, and finding out that this was nothing new at least for Andy Kay.
    Hope this is helpful - Gregor Robinson.

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    8 April 2004:Items below are from the Auckland High Court liquidations list conducted today by Master Graham Lang:Loyal Xpress Ltd (Jasmine Shameem) settled with Corporate Print Solutions Ltd and the application to wind Loyal Xpress up was struck out.Transco (Auckland) Ltd (Brian & Jacqueline Clarke) settled with Corporate Print Solutions Ltd and the application to wind Transco up was struck out.Construction Plus (Marlin) Ltd (Ian Hay & Tony Lanigan) was wound up on Award Carpets Ltd’s application. Brendon Gibson & Stephanie Jeffreys (Ferrier Hodgson) were appointed liquidators. Another company with the same directors, Construction Plus Ltd, went into voluntary liquidation in January a day before an application was due back in court to have it wound up. Mr Hay is a director of Keith Hay Ltd and the numerous companies in the Hay construction group. Mr Lanigan is a former director of GHD Ltd and a current director of Habitat For Humanity NZ Ltd, Housing Foundation Ltd, Buildnet Ltd, Ibuilding Ltd and several other companies.Axiom Advisory Ltd (Anthony Kidd) withdrew its application to wind up Go-Forward Ltd (Murray Alcock & Allister Knight). Mr Alcock is a director of Alcock Trustees Ltd, Brookfield Properties Ltd, Aribu Land Ltd, Aribu Investments Ltd, Aribu Management Ltd, Aribu Warehouse Ltd, Aribu Yates Ltd, Harte Developments Ltd, Hilro Ltd, Fairway Ltd, Almak Holdings Ltd, Pacific Project Management Ltd, 656 GSR Ltd, Secure Property Investments Ltd, Treble Investments Ltd, Living On Wolfe Ltd and Mural Ltd. Mr Knight is a director of the Aribu companies, Hilro, Harte, Almak, Treble Investments, Finez Ltd, NZ Investment Rentals Ltd, Laramy Holdings Ltd, Triple Developments Ltd, Farmrei Whangarei Ltd and Alnite Ltd.


    Fletcher Distribution Ltd (trading as Placemakers Albany) applied on 6 May to wind up Aribu Management Ltd (Murray Alcock & Allister Knight). The application will be heard in the Auckland High Court on Thursday 17 June at 10.45am. Mr Alcock is also a director of 656 GSR Ltd, Alcock Trustees Ltd, Almak Holdings Ltd, Aribu Land Ltd, Aribu Investments Ltd, Aribu Management Ltd, Aribu Warehouse Ltd, Aribu Yates Ltd, Harte Developments Ltd, Brookfield Properties Ltd, Fairway Ltd, Go-Forward Ltd, Hilro Ltd, Mission Estate Developments Ltd, Mural Ltd Pacific Project Management Ltd, Secure Property Investments Ltd, Treble Investments Ltd and WOL Ltd, and is a former director of Cotterill Construction Ltd (in liquidation). Mr Knight is a director of Almak Holdings, Alnite Ltd, Aribu Land, Aribu Management, Aribu Warehouse, Farmrei Whangarei Ltd, Go-Forward, Harte Developments, Hilro, Laramy Holdings Ltd, Mission Estate Developments, NZ Investment Rentals Ltd, Treble Investments, Triple Developments Ltd and WOL, and is a former director of Lebowski Holdings Ltd, Pantec NZ Ltd (in liquidation) and Parklane Ltd. Go-Forward settled a liquidation application in April.


    John Whittfield & Steve Lawrence (McDonald Vague) have replaced Raymond Burgess as liquidator of Aribu Management Ltd(Murray Alcock & Allister Knight), which went into voluntary liquidation on 31 May. Details of Alcock/Knight companies were in theU column last week.

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