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    Default Mitre 10/Bunnings electrical gear

    Hi all,

    Has anyone had experience with M10/Bunnings electrical sockets, switches, etc? They are far cheaper than what my electrician has offered me but as he is not supplying he can't offer materials warranties.


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    It's the same thing, same reliability. Even if the electrician won't warrant it M10 or Bunnings will.

    I'm sure he can do a better price for you too - I've got an opportunity to buy electrical supplies for wholesale prices on my sparky-friend's account and couldn't believe what discounts he's got. A standard 2.5mm cable that's for some $3.50+ in M10 he gets for $1.00 (and sells to his customers for $3.50 of course).

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    My friendly electrican...who is also my friendly neighbour so I believe what he says........ told me that the imported stuff is not user friendly.

    The design of most products isn't the greatest.........tight spaces and all that. Makes it more difficult to connect wires etc.

    Not surprisingly he said he'd rather not work with it.

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    You get what u pay for!
    The cheap one are a lower grade plastic and if your not careful when you screw them back the plastic will break. also the terminals will break if done up too tight.Just scrap by being legal.
    Whats more we tell our customers that we warrant our product but if u use miter10 stuff and it fails u will have to pay us to remove it so u can return it and pay us to re fit it. Happens all the time with their security light for $9.99

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    I've been quoted $58 for each double power point, while Mitre10 have them for about $10 . . .

    The savings start to add up over 20 or so power points. . . .so I'm leaning towards getting Mitre 10 stuff.

    Anyone else got any feedback as to whether the Mitre10/Bunnings etc kit is any good?


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    No way $58 each HP! we charge $29.16 for a PDL 692 double outlet. which mitre10 ones are u looking at Arlec or HPM?

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    Mitre 10 are flogging the Elto brand for cheap

    Jaycar are also cheaper - with an extra switch (that does god knows what)

    The $58 ones - no idea of the brand.

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    The mark up electricians put on their prices are horrendous. You can buy good quality switches and power points cheaply these days. They are fairly old technology now and are priced accordingly.

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    It's possible the cheap Mitre 10/Bunnings power points could only be 10amp, whereas the better quality ones with your sparky will most probably be rated 20amp. Makes a big difference

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    It is true. The imported stuff is usually not very user friendly. I face a few problem while using them.


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