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    This is another great one for meetings and will be less likely to attract the attention of your boss than doodling. Take a pencil and draw a gradated scale of tones, from dark to light (or light to dark), seeing how many distinctive tones you can create (you should be able to get at least 10 with a pencil). You may find it easier initially if you lightly draw a series of blocks in which to create the individual tones.

    this is the third tips

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    fourth tips is
    These are the spaces between objects or parts of an object, or around it. For example the ‘hole’ left by the handle on a coffee mug. Spend time looking at these spaces and mentally trace the shapes they create. Negative space is very useful when confronted with 'difficult' subjects as by first drawing the negative spaces you build up a strong basic form on which you can then work further.

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    fifth tips is

    drawing made without looking at the piece of paper or picking up your pencil. You keep your eye on what you’re drawing and move your pencil or pen across the paper as your eye moves across the outline of the subject. Draw your hand, your computer, a colleague at their desk. Be adventurous and go around the whole room drawing everyone and every bit of furniture.

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    six tips is

    Start looking at things with the colors and pigments on your palette in mind. Try and identify specific colors, or mixes of colors, you see. So, it’s not just a blue folder, but a cobalt blue one. It’s not just a dubious brown office partition, but one that could be recreated in paint by a titanium buff undercoat with burnt umber speckled on top.

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    seventh and last tips is

    You can’t set up your easel and canvas next to your desk, but you can set it up in your mind and think through the steps in a painting. While the subjects available may not be anything you’d want to paint for real (such as ‘Still life with stapler and scissors’) the exercise of thinking through the stages of such a painting and mentally painting it is good practice. Work your imaginary brush around the surfaces, add in the shadows and highlights, mix your colors. One great advantage is that you never have to wait for the paint to dry!

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    Nice tips !!


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