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    Default Nelson PIA September newsletter

    PO Box 198 Nelson
    Our next meeting is being held atthe Nelson Suburban Club, Tahunanui Drive on Tuesday 20 September. The meeting propercommences at 7.30 pm with the ever popular meal at 6pm when you will have theopportunity to chat to other investors. Janet Xuccoa BCom LLB from Gilligan Rowe is speaking.
    Janet is a Director and Partner of Gilligan Rowe and Associates LP. She leads the Trustee Services division which assists Trustees and Directors to comply with their duties, ensuring Trusts and Companies are operated efficiently and lawfully. Through the expertise Janet possesses, she is able to help clients develop and maintain effective structures to purchase property, conduct business activities and protect their assets, often through a family trust. She holds an accounting degree and a law degree and has practiced in the area of Trusts through different law and accounting firms for many years.Much of Janet’s time has been spent writing numerous articles on money, trustee and estate planning matters for different publications such as the New Zealand Property magazine, Verve magazine,Essentially Home magazine and Business to Business Newspaper. She has also contributed to a number of leading websites and is a frequent contributor to other parties Newsletters. Two big milestones in the writing life of Janet was her first book, entitled Family Trusts 101, which was published in July 2010 and the creation of realwomenreallives.co.nz website.Besides from being a prolific writer, Janet is arenowned speaker. She is a warm and friendly presenter, who mixesexperience and humor to make her point and entertain. She presents atseminars held by Property Groups, Chambers of Commerce, Retailers Associations,Women’s Groups, Banking Institutions, Home Shows, Mortgage Brokers and Management organizations. She has also presented at Thrive Auckland andThrive Wellington, the biggest business events held in New Zealand.At this upcoming presentation, Janet is going to present on the following topics:
    Some of the areas I am going to cover are:

    • The Budget and what it means now for you and in the future;
    • Whats going to happen with the property market;
    • How I see interest rates playing out;
    • Changes the Government is making to Trusts and how they are going to affect you;
    • Money personalities and how they can make or break you;
    • Dealing with money and avoiding having too much month at the end of your money; and
    • Putting in place a money map.
    At theend of the presentation, all attendees will have an opportunity to talk toJanet and purchase a copy of her book and book an interview with GRA.
    So yet again we will have a great night that can not be missed.

    Dear Executives of the PIA for Nelson
    Iwould like to inform your members about a number of improvements to servicesthe Department has made since June this year - and gather some feedback for the Department about your members' experiences of our services lately.
    I have set out below:
    *a general overview of some of the improvements
    *a link to an updated information sheet to assist your members making applications to the tenancy Tribunal - and
    *a link to a range of free subscription information such as market rent data and landlord e-news which I encourage your members to subscribe to
    I'dbe grateful if you circulated this to your membership database.
    Department of Building and Housing National Industry Liaison - Advisor
    Improvements to Services
    From 27 June, the Department of Building and Housing introduced a number of improvements to the way we provide services. These improvements have been designed to
    · provide a faster dispute result for clients and
    · have a higher percentage of disputes resolved at the first resolution attempt.
    These improvements were highlightedin a review we conducted in 2010 that focused on how we can provide better,faster, smarter, more cost effective Residential Tenancy Services.
    Some of the Improvements include:
    · A single nationwide contact phone number 0800 TENANCY, sotenancy queries and requests get to the right place first time. If you aremaking contact with us call 0800 TENANCY (0800 83 62 62) or email [email protected] rather than contacting a local office directly
    · New quality assurance checks, so applications for dispute resolution are processed correctly the first time
    · Best fit resolution approach - based on your application type, we will assess what is the best resolution type (mediation or tribunal) for each application.
    · Application types that are most often only resolved attribunal will be scheduled directly to the tribunal hearing (unless requested otherwise by you on the application form).
    · You can request on the application form for an application togo to mediation or to go straight to the tenancy tribunal. (i.e. waivemediation)
    · National scheduling of applications will be performed by a centralised team for increased efficiency and consistency.
    · Notification of scheduled appointments will be emailed toyou
    · the day the application is scheduled for a mediation ortribunal hearing
    · 3 days prior to the appointment.
    · Notification of scheduled appointments are emailed withreminder texts sent to your tenants (including a reminder text sent the day ofthe appointment). Make sure you provide an up-to-date email and cellphone number for your tenant on your application
    · If your tenant does not attend a scheduled mediation theapplication will be referred for a Tribunal hearing that day.
    · If the applicant is not able to be reached at the time of ascheduled mediation the application may be withdrawn. If the application missedthe scheduled appointment still call us on 0800TENANCY as we will try to reachyour tenant to mediate during the day.
    Formore information on making an application to the Tenancy Tribunal see: http://www.dbh.govt.nz/tribunal-info-for-landlords
    Please subscribe to the Department's free information services
    TheDepartment offers landlords and property managers a wide range of free news andinformation services. You can receive the latest market rent updates,Weathertight Homes Resolution Service newsletters, information about licensedbuilders, building controls and much more.
    Tosee the full range of subscription services and register for any you would liketo receive, click here.

    So,unlike some Government Departments when introducing new ways of doing things,the DBH has at least asked for feedback. They do need to be applauded for thisrequest. Personally I have found the changes challenging and difficult but someof the new processes are great. If you have some comments about yourexperiences good and bad send them to me and I will send a submission off tothem on behalf of us all. The call centre phones must have been having ahammering because I frequently hear the message “due to overloading your callhas been terminated”

    By popular demand here is anotherstory. Last month’s story mysteriously was not appreciated by at least oneperson. This is the risk us writers take all the time. Anyone reading thesewords are asked to lighten up and laugh with me and you. The intention is notto hurt people’s feelings but share with fellow landlords the joys andheartaches that go with our sometimes unpleasant business. Of course peoplethat are not landlords are expected to see things differently to us lot.Hello Glenn this is your tenantfrom the four bedroom house in Richmond.My friend and I are the tenants with the fixed term tenancy. I have just found my house being advertised on Trademe and wondered why I was not informed. Really I said. Your friend has written to me asking for the lease to be ended.Well surely I need to be informed first before that happens she yelled at me.Goodness I said how often do you see and talk to your friend in the house.Surely she should have told you. No it is your responsibility to tell me the drone wailed. You are going to hear from my lawyer about this.
    Nelson PropertyInvestors Association (Nelson PIA) is holding a Tenant of The Year Competitionin 2011.

    The New Zealand Property InvestorsFederation, to which the Nelson PIA is affiliated hold an annual competition torecognise the Landlord of the Year, however there is no national recognition of tenants. Nelson PIA has therefore decided to hold a local competition torecognise good tenancy in the region.

    This is the first year of the competitionand it is designed to celebrate good tenants and recognises the importance of tenants for property owners.

    Too often we hear of the negative aspectsof the Tenant/Landlord relationship.
    Whilst a small portion of tenants do cause problems they are in fact very much in the minority. Unfortunately the small number causing problems usually grab the headlines. We want to change that negative focus and recognise the positive contribution tenants make. Most tenants are good people, taking good care of a rental property and paying their rent on time.

    The Nelson PIA aims to encourage bestpractice amongst landlords through education and support of its members. Part of that process is to encourage a healthy relationship with tenants and recognition of the vital part they play in the business of property investment.

    Although the competition is being run bythe Nelson PIA, a tenant can be nominated by any Landlord in the Nelson/Richmond area. Entrants will be judged on 5 criteria - Relationship between Tenant and Landlord, Care of the rental property, Care of the grounds,Relationship with neighbours, Rent paid on time.

    The competition will be judged by a panelof 3 judges - Councillor Gail Collingwood, Nelson PIA President Godfrey Watson and Nelson PIA Immediate Past President Terry Bolitho.

    Landlords are encouraged to nominate their tenants.

    Entries open on the 20th September andjudging will take place in November with winners announced on the 30th November.

    Prizes will be awarded for the overall winner and two runners-up.

    Entry forms can be obtained by going to theNelson PIA website at www.nelson.nzpif.org.nz

    For any queries regarding this press releaseplease contact Godfrey Watson on 027 272 5588.

    Godfrey Watson
    Nelson PIA

    This newsletter is published with theSupport of SBS Bank. Remember to support our sponsors.
    At the last meeting I reported that we had won$500 from ANZ for having the best response per head of membership to the ANZProperty Investors survey. Well done everyone. Your responses have brought homethe bacon.However the story does not end there. We havealso won $1000 off SBS bank. This comes from their monthly draw of clubs andsocieties who have funds on deposit. I guess if you connect up the dots you seewe will be able to return these windfalls right back into the community via theTenant of the year competition and our chosen school charity.
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    Will we see the results of the
    Tenant of The Year Competition
    here, Glenn?
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