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    Default If an agent was shagging around and not presenting your offer

    as they were going away on a conference would you?:
    a) telephone their principal and ask them to present it.
    b) fax it straight to the vendors solicitor.
    c) put a sunset clause expiring the same day on the agreement and forward it to the agent.

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    A and B.

    Plus lodge a complaint with the REAA under 9.13 of the REAA rules 2009.

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    A initially. Then B if I didn't mind burning the agent relationship for the future.

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    A is good because it gets them a kick up the backside from the agency principal. If they aren't interested then B, or C go straight to the vendor themselves.

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    Would you be happy presenting the offer yourself?

    After, you are not paying the commission. As long as you think the end result would be the same, go for it.

    Or A, C, then B the next day.

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    Are you an agent?

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    Or you could get a better relationship with your agent so they don't feel they should shag you round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfempty View Post
    Or you could get a better relationship with your agent so they don't feel they should shag you round.
    Or you could just expect professional behaviour and that the rules are followed.

    6 Standards of professional conduct
    6.2 A licensee must act in good faith and deal fairly with all parties
    engaged in a transaction.

    By the way it isn't anna's agent, it's the vendors.
    Last edited by speights boy; 04-08-2011 at 10:21 PM.

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    Yes halfempty thats silly. I have no relationship with them, i don't know them i merely want them to present my offer. I don't need to be their friend I just want them to do their job. It is a mortgagee sale and took the agent 3 days to respond to my voicemail messages, 4 days to email me the S & P once contacted and now when I want it presented he is going away and has not appointed anyone to look after the listing.

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    1. your solicitor fax offer direct to bank; explaining exactly why this is being done.

    2. If you are in same city, you go in person to the branch principle, have them present offer and let them know your displeasure.

    3. Lodge complaint with REAA for not presenting an offer as per rule 9.13.

    And people wonder why people hate paying 15k+ to agents, and why those that are good at it just love private sales. GRRRR.


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