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    Default Very sticky situation

    Hi Everyone

    Have a tenant who is on a fixed term.

    Tenant has notified they have left due to an aggravated robbery???

    What do you think is the best way to handle this?


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    They will need to keep paying the rent until another suitable tenant can be found.

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    I would like to get the police report to ensure this is actually the case....we have just gone through a situation of resolving arrears...and wonder if this is just an excuse to leave quickly. Has anyone been involved in similar situation and am i able to access this through the police?

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    tell them if they are leaving due to an aggraveted robbery you'll need a copy of the incident report for your paperwork
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    The police won't give out the police report and hide behind the privacy act instead. Let your tenants go but they need to pay rent until new tenants found

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    Is the rent in arrears? Does the property look empty? If so, apply for the bond and rent arrears, apply for possession due to abandonment, apply for $1000 in exemplary damages for leaving the tenancy. Apply for a continuation as you need to possibly clean and repair.

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    Just for one moment would you hardarses assume that the armed robbery was real, and let's assume the home contained these people and their young children. I don't know if it did, but at the moment neither do you.

    Do you still offer the same advice? If so, screw the technicalities of the law and shame on you. This is what gives landlords a bad name amongst the population, reinforced by the press.

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    I'm with the pinko ..... find out it the robbery is true or not and if it is show a little compassion and let them leave no strings attached.

    Sure it may cost you some money, but your reward will be beyond money.


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    Thanks. I think.

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    If you apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for bond, rent arrears etc, the tenants will have the opportunity to provide evidence of the robbery. Which may, or may not, influence the TT decision of course. You should at least advise Tenancy Services the bond is in dispute, so it is not released to the tenants without review.


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