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Thread: Smoke Alarms

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    Default Smoke Alarms

    What is the deal, do landlords have to provide Smoke Alarms in rentals? Chrs for replies.

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    No. However, if you do and the tenant removes it or disables it (takes the battery out) then they are up for a $3k fine.

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    In ChCh anyway, if you do any work that needs a building consent, you'll only get consent if the place has conforming smoke alarms. That's not just any smoke alarms, but ones with a silencer button.

    Consumer did a test a while ago and strongly recommended photoelectric smoke alarms over ionisation ones. They cost a bit more ($20 cheapest as opposed to about $8 ) but detect a wider range of fires.

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    Is there any reason why you WOULDN'T want a fire alarm to protect your property - and your tenants? They don't cost much, and it's peace of mind for all. I also put fire extinguishers in mind. That move paid off once when the kids in the back house lit a fire under the front house. Fortunately the tenant had the sense of mind to grab the extinguisher and put the fire out. No damage in the end.

    There is still the problem of tenants taking the batteries out or not replacing them of course.

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    For a bit more money you can get an alarm with a non-removable 10-year battery, like the SA700LLE, http://www.firstalert.co.nz/wawcs014...ke_alarms.html. Was about $60 from Bunnings, i think.

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    We automatically install them if the owner hasn't.

    Just seems silly not to.

    When doing a major renovation I usually recommend installing mains powered linked alarms tenants can't switch them off but they can ""mute" them for 15 minutes at a time.


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