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    Exactchange I'd also like to join you and any others going after Kane. He shortchanged us on our rent payments over a significant period, and owes us over $10,000. Am almost resigned to losing most of this but really don't want him to get away with what he's done or worse go on to do it to others. If others are seeking legal action via the police SFO we would be very keen to join. I can be contacted on [email protected]. Anthony, New York

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    My next issue in relation to this Jericho debarcle is ... if the bond has been collected but not paid to the DBH, who's responsible for refunding the bond when the tenants leave? I've retained the tenants which were signed up by Jericho prior to Kane going AWOL but am intending on selling the property when their lease runs out in January.

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    Ring Tenancy Services on 0800836262 and ask them that.

    It's not like you've had the Bond and wasted it. DBH can't return what they never received.

    Unfortunately, I have a strong suspicion that the tenant is going to be out of money - and they won't be very happy with that.

    You're under no legal obligation to pay a Bond, that's never been lodged, back to the tenant.

    Whether you feel you should do so?? That's a different problem altogether.
    Patience is a virtue.


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